Medical-advisory Work

 Medical-advisory Work of Arthroscopy Center 

Teachers of the Department are constantly helding work on treatment-and-prophylactic help in clinics, which includes daily advice and consultation in departments, weekly clinical rounds of departments, performance of complex surgical procedures, assisting at operations with the aim to enhance practical skills of doctors, urgent duty in hospitals, the duty of the medical air transport,  departures to areas of Sumy region.
For the past 3 years teachers of the Department performed more than 1,200 surgical interventions.

 In the second quarter of 2012 the implementation methods of arthroscopic treatment of knee joint is planned. Such intervention is not performed in any hospital of Sumy region. The advantage of this method is the short postoperative period, minor trauma, excellent therapeutic results. Operations will be carried by the Head of Department Professor, MD V.Shyschuk, which has repeatedly held courses on methods of arthroscopy in leading clinics of Germany (Stendal).